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Revenue line
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We provide Revenue Line Finance solutions.
Our Revenue Line provides you cash from
recurring franchising, licensing, royalty, and subscription


What we do

Our Revenue Line Finance provides cash to you from your billing and collections history. We advance cash now, you repay the same day next month and this allows stable cash flow throughout the month. It will reduce the frequency to seek short term borrowing solutions.

Turn Your Recurring Revenue into Working Capital

Don’t wait on recurring revenue. Get an advance on your outstanding franchising, licensing, royalty, and subscription revenue with a Revenue Line of Credit.

Program for Existing Factoring Clients

Factoring proceeds can provide repayment of the line at any time. For overdue amounts we may require factoring proceeds to be used for repayment of the revenue line.

Stand-Alone Program for New Clients

We can provide the revenue line on a standalone basis after a successful evaluation for service and approval.

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